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Automation Workz is a 4 hour hands-on scavenger hunt held at the North American International Auto Show where teams scurry from exhibit to exhibit completing iSTEAM (invention, Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistic Design and Mathematics) activities to score points to win cash prizes. These activities use sponsor parts/digital services, toys, robots, computer coding, gaming, and puzzles as physical representation of mathematical standardized exam questions.

American Math Proficiency, as illustrated by a standardized exam, does not match other countries

Country Math Proficiency
US 32%
Germany 45%
Canada 49%
Singapore 63%
Many adults have a working knowledge of mathematical problem solving but have difficulty passing a standardized math exam. People are afraid of MATH exams. Psychologists have named this debilitating emotional reaction to mathematics - MATH ANXIETY. It affects many people.

Currently, Employers are facing a TALENT SHORTAGE in the technical subjects of engineering, skilled trades and business. Whether it is computer programming, mechatronics, computer aided design, data analytics, welding math proficiency is the necessary skill.

"Parents are an untapped resource for promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) motivation and a modest intervention aimed at parents can produce significant changes in their children's academic choices. When parents encouraged students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, 40% of those children matriculated in those subjects in college compared to the 8% who did not receive such encouragement. 
This data was reported in Longitudinal Study of American Youth where 4000 Generation Xers were followed since 1987.
Math Anxiety has been transferred from Teachers and Parents  to their children over multiple generations. For decades and even today, schools have self-contained elementary classes where a female teacher was not ‘good at math.’ By the time the student arrived in middle school, they are not ‘good at math’.
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Parents are the CURE for the TALENT SHORTAGE


Plato in 427 BC stated,

“A man must practice that thing from early childhood, in play ... ”

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Children's Learning Process

Research shows children (including teenagers) learn by being curious about the activities engaged in by parents, teachers, and friends. In particular, they are interested in those activities that parents, teachers and friends enjoy freely (Deci and Ryan 1992).

The publication, Crowdsourcing, states that learners grasp ...
10 percent of what they read
20 percent of what they hear
30 percent of what they hear with a visual accompaniment
50 percent of what they experience with a live demo
90 percent of what they experience for themselves via a simulation.

We gamify technical subjects as Games are .. the most ancient and time honored vehicle for learning. They are the original educational technology." (Crawford, 1984) These events educate and expose both adults and students simultaneously to new career options and application of MATH skills. Young adults love  scavenger hunts. 

Furthermore, there has been stereotyping of women and people of color not being good at math that interferes with the instruction they receive in math. In fact, researchers show these populations have received inferior instruction for decades creating a never ending cycle of math failure from math avoidance to poor test preparation to poor math performance to more math anxiety.
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How to Overcome Math Anxiety?

Researchers prescribe 4 simple steps to OVERCOMING MATH ANXIETY
  • Role models especially Women and people of color
  • Group talk about a math problem
  • Visualize a math problem in more concrete terms
  • Discuss the problem in ordinary words


Automation Workz  follows these steps in overcoming math anxiety with fun and competition by creating hands-on projects and simulations of typical math word problems on standardized exams. Families remember the math problems and solutions long after they leave.

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Automation Workz is been funded by some forward thinking industry leaders.


Automation Workz has been funded by some forward thinking sponsors.

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    Join the Tech Parent Revolution with Us.

    Come Play with us.

    Become a Partner.
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