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53% of 18-24 year olds live with parents

44% of jobless 18 to 34 year-olds live with their parents

25% of those with jobs have yet to leave the nest.

You are not alone. Check out this AARP cartoon.


These young adults, children of baby boomer parents, are affectionately known as Boomerang Kids. This population also includes young people whose parents fund their housing expense. These young people invade your nest, zap your freedom and finances. They want adult respect without adult responsibilities. Once upon a time parents looked forward to an empty nest after their children became adults at age 18. Now the empty nest does not occur until age 34.
 Afraid you will have Boomerang Kids?

Afraid to delay your freedom an extra 16 years?

Want to eject your children from your nest at age 18, but are feeling guilty?


MYTH: 2008 Recession has made it difficult to find a job above minimum wage.

FACT: Skilled trades jobs, median of $21.50 per hour, have an employee shortage.


Within the next 20 years, 80% of Skilled Trades workers will retire. Their retirement is creating a high demand for Skilled Trade workers. Many of these workers are earning $100,000 or more. While construction jobs are dirty, Skilled Trades in manufacturing plants and factories are not.

Manufacturing automation has been growing and will grow exponential as the industrial internet concept grows.  Working in an  industrial factory requires understanding of computer software, computer programming, and robotics. Robots perform the dirty work of painting, welding, machining and tooling.  Someone must operate those robots.
The new skilled trade job is a computer job. These computer operators are the new skilled trade - highly paid and in high demand. Ironically, their jobs require less training than a Bachelor Degree while earning more than those who have a Bachelor Degree.

Workers push buttons to operate computerized machines or robots, just like George Jetson in the Jetsons cartoon. Vaguely remember the cartoon see it here.


Will your children be prepared for these high paying high skilled jobs? If they are, you can confidently eject them from the Nest.



Begin the Nest Ejection process, now. Immerse your children into career exploration and planning for high demand high skilled jobs. Ensure they have strong math and critical thinking skills. Immerse them in computer programming, mathematics, robots and inventing.

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This FREE Event is 

Part Maker Faire --- Part Career Fair --- Part Career Exploration --- Part Invent-A-Thon

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Successfully ejected your children from your nest? Help your fellow parents achieve their dream of an EMPTY NEST, too.  
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