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Many people believe African Americans do not invent. They use the data that very few African Americans are in the Creative technology industries today without understanding the gravity of the problem.

In the 21st Century, Affluent suburban students are exposed to sophisticated research labs that challenge them to discover, imagine, tinker and invent. They spend 13 years mastering the scientific method and the process of creating an invention. They are fully prepared to enter the start-up ecosystem with a product already developed.
Suburban science class Start-up Venture
Now, contrast their existence with urban poverty stricken students. These students begin science class in the 4th grade rather than the kindergarten. Urban schools spend kindergarten through 3rd grade focused on reading and math. When students finally begin science class, they sit through long lectures and theoretical factual book work. Students are not exposed to sophisticated research, tinkering, creation and certainly, not invention. Students never fully master the scientific method nor have they ever created a new invention to solve a problem. Students never ever learn how to solve problems and never learn enough to become proficient on any standardized science exam.
Urban school science class
Science scores across grades. While they appear consistent they actually decline over Time.
Become a Financial Backer for
Catalyst of the Invention Revolution
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Uplift, Inc. created Catalyst of the Invention Revolution Play Date to highlight that children naturally synthesize, analyze, create and transfer knowledge while in play. Hence, they can master science and its problem solving if presented in a format beyond pure theory. Furthermore African Americans come from a history of inventors. When we dominated the skilled trades in the 1900s, we invented so many things. Here is a list of inventors we are celebrating this year:
Inventor Name Invention
Elijah McCoy Locomotive Engine Lubricator  
Garrett Morgan Traffic Light
Granville T. Woods Railroad Telegraph System
Alice Parker Heating Furnace for Entire Building
Frederick Jones Air Conditioning  
George Sampson   Clothes Dryer  
Madame CJ Walker Pressing Comb  
Osburn Dorsey Door Knob  
Lee Burridge   Typewriter and Mechanical Toys 
Sarah Boone Ironing Board
William Purvis Fountain Pen  

At Catalyst of the Invention Revolution Play Date, students are not aware they are learning. Students learn the concepts of logic, inventing, physics, wind power, construction/ building, economics, profitability, mathematical patterns and pure creativity BRAIN-BASED LEARNING research states students retain approximately 80-85% of lessons during this play compared to pure lecture where the retention is only 5-10%.

Uplift, Inc. constructed the Catalyst of the Invention Revolution Play Date as Inventing requires play and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). It is the ultimate BRAIN-BASED LEARNING activity. We believe INVENTING is the key to:

  • success on standardized exams;
  • reducing America's engineer, programmer and scientist shortage.
  • attracting African Americans into STEAM.