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    With the Chinese wage rate increasing, American businesses are purchasing automation and returning jobs home. Automation can be a 5000 lb robot or a mobile app. Either way, these jobs require math proficiency, some sort of skilled trade - computer programming, electrician, machining, pipefitting, plumbing, machining etc and critical thinking. Automation Workz was created to expose parents and their teens to the new skills these jobs require.

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    to implement this Vision

    Detroit Ghetto neighborhood
    Detroit Ghetto neighborhood
    Detroit affluent neighborhood
    Detroit affluent neighborhood

    Detroit Lost 1 MILLION unskilled Factory jobs in 20 years causing a massive lost of income, taxes and prosperity

    Detroit Bankruptcy case is complete

    New job skills require mastery in iSTEAM*

    invention Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics

    Sadly, many Detroiters have no idea what high demand skills to acquire as they have not been exposed to automation environments during middle and high school.

    Cities are not just infrastructure and assets. Cities are people. Now that the Detroit bankruptcy case is over, assist us to change the income potential of Detroit residents and watch the City of Detroit transition from neighborhoods of blight and poverty to neighborhoods of neatness and affluence.

    Talent tours are events that expose potential employees to corporate facilities, emerging technology, and/ or skills with the hope it inspires individuals to acquire those skills.

    Detroit’s high poverty rate and blight is due to the fact many residents are struggling to find high paying jobs to replace the million jobs where they were laid off. Employers struggle to hire them, stating “Detroiters do not have the skills we need.” Uplift, Inc. has spent the past 2 years hosting community talent tours to expose inner city residents to automation skills. Our President believes talent tours are Detroit’s savior as the more automation skills residents have, the more jobs they will acquire and the more income they will generate. She discovered Detroiters are open to new ideas and will modify their mindsets to achieve those ideas, just like the young people in the video.

    Give Detroit youth a fighting chance for a successful and prosperous future. Give them HOPE for a Job.

    Our next Talent Tour at the North American International Auto Show

    January 23, 2018

    This event is a live family video game organized where teens and their families solve challenging hands-on invention, electronics, mechatronics, programming, 3D design, spatial reasoning, mathematical, automotive and robotic activities. Read more

    Your partnership gives Uplift Inc. the fuel to propel our Vision and conduct these talent tours.

    Will you provide that HOPE?


    Join the Tech Parent Revolution with Us.

    Come Play with us.

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      All of our work evolves around career exploration, career preparation, Skill exploration, workforce development, invention and entrepreneurship. We believe a job or legal business venture eliminates poverty and the many vices that come with poverty.

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