Nations (Cities, neighborhoods and states) that remain economically strong are those that can create intellectual property – and the ability to innovate largely comes out of an ability to play.

Dr. Stuart Brown, Author book, PLAY, Professor Stanford D. School

The IDEA IN YOUR HANDS begins with PLAY 
Are you or your child the NEXT Steve Jobs of Apple? Steve Jobs was the NERD of NERDS. He dominated Corporate America - the fast paced wild, wild world of Intellectual Property. Prepare You and Your Child. Let them
Play a round of FLUKETM - the wealth building game of accidental inventions
Develop their inner nerd tendencies without them even knowing you are.
Arrange a Tournament with friends - Adults and children.

In the past, Nerds were the lone eccentric quirky inventors specializing in STEM -Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, who tooled away in their research dungeons for 20 -30 years working on a project. They discovered intellectual property where others never dared to look. No one wanted to been seen with a nerd, let alone desired to be a nerd until a steady stream of inventions generated quick astronomical wealth. In the 21st century, nerdiness is the new cool. Everyone should want to be a nerd. Learn how Nerds are dominating corporate America with FLUKETM - the wealth building game of accidental inventions.

Snap decisions.
Quick thinking.
Buy or license a patent.
Perform research.
Fund someone else's research.
Acquire a research corporation.

Do you have what it takes to be a corporate executive to balance risk and reward and generate millions of dollars and jobs? Play this simple game and check. Fluke sets the stage for this brainstorming and idea generation by showing why Corporate America desires creativity, ideas, inventions and innovation. Fluke is a board game that simulates Corporate America, the wild, wild world of intellectual property, where players experience thrilling scientific research, wacky inventions, stock explosions, gigantic wealth and legal duels. Players maneuver through Risk and Rewards in and build the largest portfolio of cash, patents and research corporations.
PLAY Fluke Game

Imagine how powerfully successful persons would become if they had this training from 5th grade. They would become the next Andrew Carnegie,Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, John Rockefeller or Nikola Tesla delivering new products and services to discover problems that need inventions to solve. While many people focus on the solution, the brilliance is in seeing the problem others may miss and securing a solution no one had considered in brainstorming.
FLUKE TM - the wealth building game of accidental inventions

Fluke is a game of games. It is an idea generation game, a business game, an investment game, an intellectual property game, a brainstorming game, an invention game, a stock game, an academic science game, and an academic math game all rolled up into one. Participants, either adult or children, can learn how Corporate America works from idea incubation to patent and commercialization.

Do you know people naturally synthesize, analyze and create while in play?

People naturally synthesize, analyze and create while in play. Play is pleasurable causing children to stay on task for longer periods of time. We learn more when we spend more time on task and improve their synthesis, analysis and creative skills.
Schools are governed by Bloom's Taxonomy. According to Bloom's Taxonomy they need these higher order skills to succeed on standardized exams. While standardized exams separate questions by the core subjects of English, Math, Science and Social Studies, they hardly test just 1 subject, alone. Every question on a standardized exam synthesizes the 4 core subjects then requires analysis and creation to arrive at new information - the answer.
To answer a science question, children need to:
  1. Comprehend the words
  2. Use the words to lead them to a science theory
  3. Implement the theory
  4. Determine what information in question applies to theory
  5. Complete mathematical calculation that generates the correct answer.
This science question requires teachers to infuse all 4 core subjects into every lesson before a student can master to think critically. Yet, this infusion or collaboration is not occurring in most non-affluent schools and many companies refuse to play.

 You and Your child can improve on these skills while playing FLUKETM. They will never know they are learning.



Let them Journey with Sam into the Wild, Wild World of Intellectual Property to experience thrilling scientific research, wacky inventions, stock explosions, gigantic wealth and legal duels. Assist them show their corporate executive skills by building the largest portfolio of assets – cash, patents and research corporations. Show the world they are the Best Corporate Executive. TABULATE your portfolio with the FLUKE PORTFOLIO TALLY SHEET (Send email to

Let them Play a round of
FLUKETM - the wealth building game of accidental inventions. Share the fun with your neighbors.
Spark an Invention Revolution
PLAY Fluke Game
Games are... the most ancient and time honored vehicle for learning. They are the original educational technology,”
Chris Crawford, The Art of Computer Game Design, 1982

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  These Corporate Inventor moguls excelled as their parents have exposed them to the greater world. Give a poor child the same opportunity as these affluent children. 

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