Game Workz is the eSport of IT Training. 

eSports is a competitive tournaments of video games where individuals compete for cash usually in front of an audience.

eSports has gained popularity drawing millions of people to tournaments increasing cash prizes to $1,000,000. 
Game Workz is a combination of eSports and IT Certification training intended to draw young people into the IT industry who have not considered it as a career.
Here are students at Covenant House Academy-SW involved in an after school tournament. Covenant House Academy-SW is an alternative high school that provides students the ability to recover credits in order to graduate from high school. Often this is the students' last opportunity to graduate in a school setting.
Notice how focused they are. One student, when tapped on his shoulder by the principal, Eric George, abruptly stated his was 'Thinking' as if to politely mean "leave me alone as I am focused on entering this code to move my character to the next level."
    1. Young people (ages 16-24) will engage in practice individually for 4-6 weeks at multiple Detroit Public Library branches. They will input Python code to move characters further into the game.
    2. At the end of practice, students with the most progress in game will combine into teams for a multiplayer bracket tournament.
    3. FINAL eSPORT COMPETITION FOR CASH PRIZE will occur August 25, 2018 3-7 pm in front of an 1000 – 2500 person LIVE audience.
    4. Young people will be offered FREE admission to the Programming Essentials in Python Course, a 16 week instructor-led course, hosted on the Cisco Networking Academy platform beginning September 2018.This course utilizes 35 hands-on practice labs, and quizzes to prepare them for the Python Certified Associate Programmer certification and jobs earning an average of $103,492.
The remaining 900 will compete for a smaller prize to further develop their skills to prepare for the Python certification class January or September 2019.
Python is increasing in demand but rarely taught in Detroit. Detroit can become the esport IT Training Capitol of the World by grooming Python programmers by the 1000's. This growth will attrct major corporations to our city.
According to the Mobile Profile of Native Detroiter, Detroiters love consumer technology. What better way to train them in business technology.  Get the report here

This 6 week competition is a fun entertaining computer programming boot camp to train and assess the skills of Detroit’s young people as Python programmers.

According to research conducted by Dr. Traci Sitzmann, a professor at the University of Colorado Denver Business School, those who used video games during their training had a 


9% higher retention rate
11% higher factual knowledge level
14% higher skill-based knowledge level

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