Uplift, Inc. is a nonprofit tech diversity and inclusion firm that exposes family leaders and their children/ grandchildren to the Internet of Things and Automation economy so they are not locked out of the high-wage high-demand tech industry.
Our mission is to increase the economic mobility of family leaders by preparing them for IT Professional Trades jobs and/or startups.
Change the Parent/ Family Leader,
Change the Children,
Change the Neighborhood, 
Change the School,
Change the World.

The advantage that countries like the United States retain is the ability to invent. Nations (neighborhoods, cities and states) that remain economically strong are those that can create intellectual property – and the ability to innovate largely comes out of an ability to play,

Dr. Stuart Brown,  Author, Play

Professor, Stanford D.School

Parents are not Thriving in the Jetson Age?

The 21st century is upon us. As excerpted from the book, Escape to College, "Remember the cartoon, the Jetsons, the Hanna-Barbera cartoon created in the fifties and sixties, to depict the future. George, Jane, Judy, Elroy, Rosie the robot servant, Mr. Spacely drove Flying cars, used Video Phones and moving sidewalks to shuttle them from place to place."

"While The Jetsons cartoon was fantasy in 1950, sixty years later, it has become a reality today. Don't remember the Jetson Cartoon? Watch an episode here."

Flat Screen TV Robots Video Phone Movable Sidewalk Slot Machines

"Many of these inventions today seem to be a normal part of life although in the 1950 they were farfetched. They have evolved straight out of science fiction.” This is AUTOMATION.

People of Color during the Industrial Revolution, migrated to Michigan to secure high paying low skilled manual jobs, in manufacturing. These jobs catapulted people of color into middle class. Automation has eliminated these high paying low skilled jobs, pushing people into poverty. These jobs have been replaced with IT Professional Trade jobs, earning $19 to $50 per hour, that do not require a college degree, but rather certification training and passage of certification exams.

Even though, people of color and women have disproportionately suffered layoffs due to the automation low skilled manual jobs, they have not pursued newly created high demand tech jobs. The mere mention of the word AUTOMATION causes anger and frustration amongst those who are losing high paying manual jobs. 
They are afraid of the mathematical jargon as well mathematical based standardized exams. TECHNOLOGY IS APPLIED MATHEMATICS that requires proficiency as determined by certification exams. K-12 instruction has often been so poor in urban environments, adults are unable to master material.
Uplift, Inc. provides a post-secondary alternative to college that leads to high paying IT careers that addresses the 6 barriers these individuals face in matriculating to NEW COLLAR JOBS.

6 Barriers People Face in securing IT Professional Trade Jobs
  1. Post-Secondary IT Introductory courses assume 2 years prior experience with content
  2. Afraid to Fail. Competency based learning is trial and error – failure which is not taught in urban settings
  3. No Laptop/ Desktops computers for digital simulation labs
  4. No monies to pay for certification exams that cost $195 and above
  5. Test Anxiety regarding Standardized Certification Exams
  6. Placement in IT Professional Trade positions
Thriving today requires SKILLS & CREDENTIALS in iSTEAM (invention, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) to qualify for 21st Automation career and business opportunities. Employers desire thinkers, innovators and inventors. Evan Schwartz, in his book, Juice, highlighted that flashes of genius world renowned inventors, such as Woody Norris, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates exhibited are derived from their childlike proclivity to play with the things that interest them. This connection of technical invention and play has been documented in research and many books.


an original series

Episode #1Unemployment is high, but why?

Episode #2All the Good Jobs are Gone

Episode #3Passion & Play

Episode #4Have a Play, Tinker or Inventive ...

Inventors are not born, but rather groomed.

Ida Byrd-Hill, creator Fluke - the wealth building game of accidental inventions

iSTEAM (invention, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is the core of the 21st century as AUTOMATION is making our world more efficient. Everything from entrepreneurship, job creation, economic growth of neighborhoods and competition amongst cities for residents evolves around iSTEAM. 

Uplift, Inc. seeks to draw low-income residents, mainly women and people of color, into the Computer Networking, Computer Programming, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, and Quality Technician, functions by “socializing” this workforce development training. Most training occurs in a “closed” classroom of 25 strangers. Our training is occurring in “open” groups of people across 4 specific Detroit communities, anchored within the Detroit Public Library System with  dialogue, hands-on labs and corporate field trips/ talent tours to increase individuals’ interaction with the training material.  

Uplift, Inc. is the bridge between corporate America, Education and the Community  to ensure residents have the skills necessary to thrive. 

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay,  

Inventor of the Laptop, 1968

Uplift, Inc. is guided by this Plato quote, A man must practice that thing from early childhood, in play ...

Our mission is to reinvent cities with invention-based tech-connected neighborhoods to increase the economic mobility of low-income residents by preparing parents and their children for IT Professional Trade, aka NEW COLLAR jobs and/ or startups with their newfound technology skills.
Parents control the growth of current and future generations, simultaneously. We educate parents to change the economic trajectory of both parent and child. 
Change the Parent/ Family Leader,
Change the Children,
Change the Neighborhood,
Change the School
Change the World. 
Uplift, Inc. is a nonprofit tech diversity and inclusion firm that analyzes interdisciplinary connections to invent solutions to cure social issues connected to poverty, workforce development and job creation. Uplift, Inc. operates programs to expose and include diverse family leaders to the digital professions opening the door to two generations of talent, simultaneously, in an effort to reduce the ‘Digital Talent Shortage’.

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