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Invention Adventure Race chronicles the application of the fun creative lessons to see if Harper Woods Middle/ High School students understood the Physics modules. Students teams race from Physics clue to Physics clue to the finish line to win a prize. 

Most people cringe when they hear the word PHYSICS, even if they had not attended a class within the past 50 years. In a 2012 school administered survey, 66.7% Middle/ high school students participants of the Harper Woods Invention Adventure Camp, state they dislike Math and Science, yet 83% state they loved inventing and the Invention Adventure Camp. We were astonished 83% students requested the camps’ return next summer, but with an expansion from 3 hours a day to a full 6 hour school day and from 2 weeks to at least a month so we can include field trips.

The second year our focus was on Biology including a savenger hunt on Belle Isle. 

Our goal is to get teens and tweens to think of Corporate America as the wild, wild world of intellectual property full of thrilling research, wacky inventions, stock explosions, and legal shoot outs to become interested in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers.

Adventure   is a summer camp for 7th through 11th grade students that combines:

Creative  Arts 


Post-secondary Planning 
 Field Trips
with either

Biological, Physics or Technological  Invention Activities

This camp combines these activities:
Based on Fluke - the wealth building game of accidental inventions
Career Planning
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Invention Activities

Why  Invention Adventure Camp is needed

The ‘JETSON AGE’ is set to leave behind the average person who does not have these characteristics:

Contrarian - Every invention challenges and ultimately disrupts the status quo in society. For example, twenty five years ago every household had a landline - a phone attached to the wall. The mobile phone was invented. Today 80% of the population owns a mobile phone. The people who create these inventions are the rule breakers.

Creativity - The IBM Survey 2010 interviewed 1500 CEOs across 66 countries who stated the 21st Century highest demand leadership skill is creativity. Creativity is the ability to imagine new ideas. Students who fabricate and exaggerate stories are creative. Students who love to play and joke are creative.

Tenacity with high willingness to succeed - Determined to complete whatever task they embark upon even if they will face negative consequences.

Observer of the hidden obvious - Students notice details others miss. Often they communicate their little details by gossiping and joking.

Post-secondary training - Jetson age jobs require Post-secondary training.

If those characteristics are recognized and channeled into fun projects that eventually lead to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Corporate America would develop a bold, Inventive, risk taking, science or technological expert.


FACT: shows there are 120,065 jobs nationwide for those with the right credentials.

Credential Number of Jobs
Bachelor’s Degree or higher 76,677
Associate’s Degree or Apprenticeship 23,288
High School Diploma 20,300

Approximately 99, 965 or 83.12% of jobs above require post secondary training. Further more, approximately 63.86% require a Bachelor’s degree or higher. When you dig further into the jobs that require only a high school diploma, many of those jobs require specific technology skills.The picture for Detroit looks closely the same

Credential Number of Jobs
Bachelor’s Degree or higher 832
Associate’s Degree or Apprenticeship 136
High School Diploma 327

Approximately 968 or 81.00% of jobs above require post secondary training. Further more, approximately 69.62% require a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

The right credential is either an associates degree, apprenticeship or more preferably a Bachelor’s Degree. Access to high paying careers in the Jetson Age and in the of future require a Bachelor’s degree or at least an Associate’s degree. Today's high unemployment is proving this fact to be true.

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Invention Adventure Camp
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