Our mission is to reinvent cities with tech-connected neighborhoods infusing Play and Invention to increase the economic mobility of parents. Parents control the growth of current and future generations, simultaneously. 

Upward economic mobility of parents improves every business today and tomorrow

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Play is an overlooked but effective economic development, learning, management, strategic and training  tool

Play is  a process that provides:
  • Anticipation - expectation, wonder, curiosity, anxiety, uncertainty, risk.
  • Surprise - a-ha moments, discovery, a new sensation or idea, or shifting perspective
  • Pleasure - it feels good
  • Understanding - new knowledge, application of ideas
  • Strength - empowerment, confidence, new skills
  • Poise - grace, contentment, composure, and sense of balance in life/school
Parents naturally want to play with their children. Serious  content can be combined with play. Participants will play and learn the content  quickly without realizing they are being trained or developed. Play can change the culture and mindsets of participants in any institution, public or private. Even the difficult to change educational systems can be changed with play if it introduced into the curriculum lineup.
Check out our track history:


Harper Woods Middle/ High School

  • Invention Adventure Summer Camp refined at Harper Woods High Summer 2013
  • Invention Adventure Summer Camp piloted at Harper Woods High Summer 2012

In School Turnaround

Burton International

  • Increased MEAP Math proficiency scores 2013 by 33.5%.
  • Increased MEAP Math proficiency scores 2012 by 31.47%.

John R. King Performing Arts

  • Increased MEAP Math proficiency scores 2013 by 225%.
  • Increased MEAP Science proficiency scores 2013 by 181%.
  • Increased MEAP Math proficiency scores 2012 by 300%.
Detroit School of Arts
  • Increased MME Math proficiency scores 2008 by 38.43%
  • Increased MME Science proficiency scores 2008 by 15.89%
Hustle & TECHknow Preparatory High School (H&T)
  • Piloted this cyber school in 2006 for high school dropouts/ adjudicated youth in the Compuware headquarters
  • Compiled Reading class that moved student collective Lexile reading levels 3.6 grades from 4.2 to 7.8
  • Recruited 600 students for 93 slots at contract school
  • Sent three quarter finalists out of 79 to the National Vocabulary Championship
  • 80% graduation rate, 100% post-secondary matriculation
  • Won Educational Program of the Year 2007, Automation Alley; First Wayne County school to win award
Duke Ellington Conservatory of Music and Art
  • Increased MEAP Middle School Reading proficiency scores 2005 by 90.9%
  • Increased MEAP Middle School Math MEAP proficiency scores 2006 by 331.25%
Hanstein Elementary
  • Increased MEAP Math proficiency scores by 2003 by 76.72%
  • Increased MEAP Reading proficiency scores 2003 by 177.94%
Family Fun Nights
1997-2002 School Year
  • Implemented fun academic activities in 60 schools
Our work evolves around play and technology as innovation is changing the world every 5-7 years. Corporate America is complaining about the lack of skills deeming schools failures. The 13 year lengthy process of cumulative learning in schools to prepare children and their parents for the future world is not working.
However in the 21st century the new product is intellectual property, all in the brain. Play accelerates intellectual property, the automation its creates, the manufacturing and information technology it powers.

Join the Tech Parent Revolution with Us.

Come Play with us. Become a Partner. Become a Donor.