When a parent sent me this photo of her 6 year old child reading, Me and My Big Career, a book I authored for children up to age 9, about non traditional careers, I had a flashback to my 10th grade vocal class in 1981. The words of this song still ring in my spirit vividly. 

I believe our children are our future teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride makes it easier. Let the children's laughter remind us who we used to be.

This photo reminded me that Uplift, Inc. and all of its activities have focused around TALENT TOURS (play-based career and skill exploration events and programming). We have spent our time assisting parents and their children find the greatest love in themselves; LOVE that manifests as a passionate high paying high demand career. The earlier the career exploration begins, the more focused academically a child becomes.

Sadly, we have so much work to do. Often, economically disadvantaged families never see their LOVE inside and hence seek love in gangs, sex, drugs, birthing babies etc. 

HELP Uplift, Inc. assist these families find their greatest love of all - THEMSELVES - through TALENT TOURS (play-based career and skill exploration events) from birth to death. This is where REAL EDUCATION REFORM  occurs.

Here are our results amongst the student body everyone dismisses

Community Workshops

  • Introduced Catalyst of the Invention Revolution Play Date for middle school families
  • Introduced Automation Workz for high school families
  • Escape to College (College Preparation) Served 250 students and parents in 2011
  • Assisted 30 students matriculate to college in 2010 and 50 in 2011 and 100 in 2012
Current Successful K.I.S.S. (Kids in Successful Schools) Workshops

Burton International

  • Increased MEAP Math proficiency scores 2013 by 33.5%.
  • Increased MEAP Math proficiency scores 2012 by 31.47%.

John R. King Performing Arts

  • Increased MEAP Math proficiency scores 2013 by 225%.
  • Increased MEAP Science proficiency scores 2013 by 181%.
  • Increased MEAP Math proficiency scores 2012 by 300%.

Harper Woods Middle/ High School

  • Invention Adventure Summer Camp refined at Harper Woods High Summer 2013
  • Invention Adventure Summer Camp piloted at Harper Woods High Summer 2012

Detroit School of Arts

  • Increased MME Math proficiency scores 2008 by 38.43%
  • Increased MME Science proficiency scores 2008 by 15.89%
Hustle & TECHknow Preparatory High School (H&T)
  • Piloted this cyber school in 2006 for high school dropouts/ adjudicated youth in the Compuware headquarters
  • Compiled Reading class that moved student collective Lexile reading levels 3.6 grades from 4.2 to 7.8
  • Recruited 600 students for 93 slots at contract school
  • Sent three quarter finalists out of 79 to the National Vocabulary Championship
  • 80% graduation rate, 100% post-secondary matriculation
  • Won Educational Program of the Year 2007, Automation Alley; First Wayne County school to win award
Duke Ellington Conservatory of Music and Art
  • Increased MEAP Middle School Reading proficiency scores 2005 by 90.9%
  • Increased MEAP Middle School Math MEAP proficiency scores 2006 by 331.25%
Hanstein Elementary
  • Increased MEAP Math proficiency scores by 2003 by 76.72%
  • Increased MEAP Reading proficiency scores 2003 by 177.94%

We explore 3 career pathways with events, programs and content evolving around 

Entrepreneurship              They employ everyone.

Degreed Professionals     They manage government institutions and businesses.

Skilled Labor                   They perform high level work procedures.

HELP us fund LOVE  and REAL EDUCATION REFORM through our programs and events. Here are videos of our past events:


HELP us fund LOVE and REAL EDUCATION REFORM through distribution of  our content worldwide:

Book Covers Book Descriptions
Worried today’s school will not deliver your children to their big career leaving them unemployed in the future? Today's, children go crazy during their tween and teen years as they see a bleak future, too.

K.I.S.S. Begins at Home provides the inspiration, wisdom and comfort that timeless family values, reinforced daily at home, sets the agenda for successful schools and a prosperous future career for your children.

Read it every time you are faced with worry and stress as you parent your children. Let it be the reminder that successful parenting at home creates successful schools.
Primary Audience
Children ages 10 and above
Wish school was exciting like playing a video game? It can be, if school served a purpose beyond being a distraction from your life.
This book shows how to turn school into a video game.
Primary Audience
Children ages 15 and above
If, only if, you could cross the bridge into the land of wealth, except crossing the bridge is fret with many challenges and barriers.
This book assist in overcoming those challenges and barriers.
Primary Audience
Children ages 10 and above
Sam is a typical 13 year old boy who has a skateboard ride that changes his life forever. Immerse your young person into Sam's invention adventure and perhaps they will be inspired to have their own invention adventure. Students need to become engaged in the fun of science. Introduce them to the invention process which is a combination of creativity, imagination and science. The theory of science will become practical and unforgettabl
The world glorifies Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan and their astronomical wealth while forgetting the unscrupulous acts these robber barons exacted upon millions of Americans to secure their wealth. They unleashed the gangster attitudes as a form of capitalism changing America forever.
Primary Audience
Adults and Children age 10 and above  
Book #2 of Series
Entertainment Gangsters
Al Capone
Bugsy Seigel
Bumpy Johnson
Lucky Luciano
Meyer Lansky
Learn how these famous gangsters supplied illegal alcohol, beer and whiskey to save American entertainment in the Roaring 20's and how they created thriving entertainment meccas for generations to come.
Primary audience
Adults and Children ages 10 and above
Book #1 of Series

Primary Audience  Children ages 0-9
All the World's a Stage ... be the Star of your life. Me and My Big Career directs you to choose an exciting career that fits you.
Primary audience
Adults and Children ages 10 and above
Primary audience
Children ages 10 and above

Primary audience
Adults and Children ages 10 and above
Books are sold by Upheaval Media, LLC with proceeds donated to Uplift, Inc.