Uplift, Inc. and all of its activities have focused around TALENT TOURS (play-based career/skill programming) and RESEARCH CONTENT. We have invented solutions to assist parents and their children find a passionate high paying high demand career to relieve corporate America's 'TALENT SHORTAGE'.
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Mobile Profile of the Native Detroiter provides insight into Native Detroiters usage of mobile apps driving the digital revolution.Family leaders utilize their phones for multiplicity of purposes:

1. Improve their productivity

2. Manage their finances.

3. Search for career advancement

4. Secure directions

5. Shop

6. Arrange transportation options

7. Interact with family and friends

8. View videos

9. Listen to music

10. Play video games


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A parent sent me this photo of her 6 year old child reading, Me and My Big Career, a book our President authored for children up to age 9, about non traditional careers.

Book Descriptions
Invisible Talent Market is a Diversity & Inclusion guide, utilizing economic history of Blacks, to lay the foundation that grooming Blacks with digital business skills is a viable strategy to reduce America’s talent shortage, without outsourcing and visas, as Blacks satisfied the talent shortages of the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions 
Worried today’s school will not deliver your children to their big career leaving them unemployed in the future? Today's, children go crazy during their tween and teen years as they see a bleak future, too.

K.I.S.S. Begins at Home provides the inspiration, wisdom and comfort that timeless family values, reinforced daily at home, sets the agenda for successful schools and a prosperous future career for your children.

Read it every time you are faced with worry and stress as you parent your children. Let it be the reminder that successful parenting at home creates successful schools.

Primary Audience
Children ages 10 and above
Wish school was exciting like playing a video game? It can be, if school served a purpose beyond being a distraction from your life.
This book shows how to turn school into a video game.

Primary Audience
Children ages 15 and above
If, only if, you could cross the bridge into the land of wealth, except crossing the bridge is fret with many challenges and barriers.
This book assist in overcoming those challenges and barriers.

Primary Audience
Children ages 10 and above
Sam is a typical 13 year old boy who has a skateboard ride that changes his life forever. Immerse your young person into Sam's invention adventure and perhaps they will be inspired to have their own invention adventure. Students need to become engaged in the fun of science. Introduce them to the invention process which is a combination of creativity, imagination and science. The theory of science will become practical and unforgettabl

 Me and My Big Career
Primary Audience  Children ages 0-9
All the World's a Stage ... be the Star of your life. Me and My Big Career directs you to choose an exciting career that fits you.
Primary audience
Adults and Children ages 10 and above
Primary audience
Children ages 10 and above

Primary audience
Adults and Children ages 10 and above
Books are sold by Upheaval Media, LLC with proceeds donated to Uplift, Inc.

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